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Teacher – Mrs R Eveleigh 

Teaching Assistants – Mrs T Griffin/ Mrs S Thomas

School Councillors: 

What’s happening in Term 1:

 Here is the curriculum map for 2017-18. 

Here is the topic web for Term 1. 

This term Stonehenge and Bowood are focussing on The Ancient Greeks. We will be investigating why the Greek Empire was so powerful and how it affected others. We will be researching key battles including the Battle of Marathon and the Trojan War. We will be also linking this with a class text: Who Let The Gods Out? by Maz Evans. This book directly links to our topic, giving children a deeper knowledge of Ancient Greek culture. We will also use it for deepening knowledge in reading skills, such as word meaning and inference comprehension skills.

We will be creating opportunities to link with the community, including a charity drive aimed at raising funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and other events to be confirmed throughout the school year.

 In English, we will be using a variety of different genres that will link with, not only our class text, but also using our trip to Osmington Bay as inspiration. For example, we will be writing a persuasive text based on our experiences. Other genres to be studied include: poetry and discussion texts based around morals of the characters. In Maths, we will continue to look at key areas that will help us in preparation for SATs including investigation skills linked with problem solving, place value and written methods of the four operations.

 In science, we will be focusing on light this term, understanding how it travels and also using scientific enquiry to answer child-led questions. ICT will provide the children to learn a wide range of skills and link to many other areas of the curriculum using a range of medias including iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards.

In PE we are involved in an interclass competition involving cross country running and also focusing on team building skills. This links with our residential to Osmington Bay where year sixes will be accessing a range of activities.

With the introduction of a new National Curriculum, Westbury Leigh CE Primary School has created an engaging, challenging and stimulating curriculum which provides a range of immersive opportunities to learn for all of its children. It is underpinned by our School's vision and has our School values at its core. Children use a wide range of ICT, laptops and devices alongside interactive whiteboards in each classroom. Our exciting topics have entry and exit points to begin and finish the topics being taught together with establishing links within our community.
Connections are made between curriculum areas making the learning more relevant and meaningful for our children.

Use this link to access overviews of the curriculum for all the National Curriculum subjects at Westbury Leigh Primary School, broken down by year groups.

 Reading and Writing


View our age related expectations below: 

Here is some further information to help with Maths at home: