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Year 4 classes

Marlborough and lacock

Marlborough Teacher – Mr B Thomas 

Lacock Teacher - Mrs J Richardson and Mr J Fowler

Year 4 Teaching Assistants - Miss R Brewer,Mrs E Pascoe and Mrs D Murray 


What’s happening in Term 1 and 2?

Here is our curriculum map for 2019-20.

This is our topic web for Term 1 and 2.

Year 4 are kick starting their Roman topic with a residential trip to Braeside where they will dress up as Romans, take part in a Roman battle, make battle shields, indulge in a Roman feast and learn how to use a Gladius. The trip will also include canoeing and other outdoor based activities such as climbing the low ropes. The Roman fun will continue back at school where they will learn about specific events and where these fit in on a timeline. They will understand why Britain was important to the Romans and the reasons for the invasion of Britain.

In art, the children will be exploring Roman mosaics before making their out own of clay. They will learn the skill of tessellation and investigate the work of Irina Charny and Sue Kershaw to support this. In DT the children will design, make and evaluate their very own Roman trebuchet’s that they will test these in a battle scene.

The children will be reading The time travelling cat and the Roman Eagle as their class novel and this will inform their writing during English lessons. They will learn a range of new skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons.

In maths, children will learn place value which will include understanding, comparing and ordering four and five digit numbers. They will know how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and will learn how to read Roman numerals to 100. They will explore decimals numbers before moving on to written and mental addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Year 4 will become scientists and investigate how sound travels and how it travels through different materials into the ear. They will explore electricity and simple circuits. During lessons, they will construct circuits and carry out investigations in to which materials conduct or insulate electricity. In French, they will be learning all about people which will include ways to describe what a person looks like.

In RE, the children will be looking at worship, pilgrimage and scared places, delving into where, how and why people worship and why pilgrimage is important to some religious believers. Children in year 4 will be keeping fit in PE by learning new skills in basketball and tag rugby.

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