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year 3 classes

Sarum and Kennet

SarumTeacher – Mr S Pearce

Kennet Teacher – Miss T Cole

Year 3 Teaching Assistants - Mrs E Mwambela,

Miss Z Corbett, Mrs S Thomas and Mrs D Murray



What’s happening in Term 1 and 2?

Here is our curriculum map for 2019-20.

This is our Topic Web for Term 1 and 2.

We will be having an exciting time in Sarum class this term. Our cross curricular history topic is called ‘Mummy’s the Word’. We will be researching the Ancient Egyptians and making links in English where we immerse ourselves in a range of myths and legends, including those of the Ancient Egyptians.

In Art we will investigate silk painting and in Design Technology we hope to use pneumatics to make a sarcophagus lid open and close, or a mummy move. We will be making our own paper, which will be messy but fun, and to conclude our work we will set up a museum in the classroom and invite visitors in to enjoy it.

In Maths we will be focusing on key skills, learning our Times Tables and investigating number, place value, calculation, measurement, fractions and geometry.

In Science we will be learning about aspects of ‘light’ including reflection and reflective surfaces.

Music will involve lots of practical work with percussion instruments. We will work on beat, pulse, rhythm and then compose our own music which we will perform to one another.

In PE we will create our own Egyptian themed dance and learn a range of multi skills to support our ability to play team games such as football and Unihoc.

Geography will involve lots of atlas work and we will explore world biomes – for example deserts, forests, aquatic biomes. We will reflect upon sustainability and how to look after our wonderful world and we will take every opportunity to learn outside in our school grounds.

We will begin French by learning to greet one another and talk about items within the classroom, enabling us to begin short conversations and to read and write simple French. 

We will consider some of the ‘Miracles of Jesus’ in RE and in PSHE we will celebrate differences and diversity. A busy and exciting term ahead!

With the introduction of a new National Curriculum, Westbury Leigh CE Primary School has created an engaging, challenging and stimulating curriculum which provides a range of immersive opportunities to learn, for all of its children. It is underpinned by our School's vision and has our School values at its core. Children use a wide range of ICT, laptops and devices, alongside interactive whiteboards in each classroom.

Our exciting topics have entry and exit points to begin and finish the topics being taught, together with establishing links within our community. Connections are made between curriculum areas making the learning more relevant and meaningful for our children.

Use this link to access overviews of the curriculum for all the National Curriculum subjects at Westbury Leigh Primary School, broken down by year groups.

Reading and Writing:


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