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Stourhead Teacher – Miss B Pearce 

Wardour Teachers - Miss L Chichon and Mrs P Robertson

Year 2 Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Hayward and Miss L Weston 




What’s happening in Terms 1 and 2?

Here is our curriculum map for 2019-20.

This is our topic web for terms 1 and 2.

To start the school year, we have an exciting topic focused around Antarctica.

The children will have the opportunity to explore key texts with an Antarctic theme and use non fiction books to find out more about penguins and Polar explorers.  We will use some of these stories to inspire music making to create mood and atmosphere.

Our focus for History, is key events and individuals, and we will be finding out about Polar explorers Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen, including what life was like on their expedition.  This links nicely with Geography, where children will have the opportunity to use maps and globes to locate continents and countries such as Antarctica.

Through RE, the children will be learning about stories from the bible including Christmas.

Our Science focus is Animals including humans and plants.  We will be finding out about the life cycle of penguins and humans. The children will also be thinking about the importance of exercise, rest and hygiene.

The children will be making new friends and meeting new people.  They will be encouraged to ask enquiring questions and explore their own learning potential.  Above all, they will be having fun.

To end the school year we have an exciting topic focused around Africa.

Children will have the opportunity to learn all about Africa and how the culture differs to our own. They will explore key texts, such as ‘The Papaya that Spoke,’ as well as non-fiction books to allow them to delve into African Culture. They will learn about African dance as well as African music. There will also be an opportunity for children to display their artistic flare by creating African paintings. They will have the opportunity to taste nshima, the staple food in much of central Africa, and speak to and ask questions of Zambians in Lusaka.

Because of the African topic we have a key focus on geography this term. Children will comparing local areas to similar areas in Africa, as well as exploring the continent’s cultures, climates and biomes.

Through RE we will be exploring prayer and its significance for Christians, as well as comparing Christianity in the UK and Africa.

In science we will continue to focus on Plants and specifically bulbs. Later in the term we will touch upon Animals and Humans and once more recap ‘how to stay healthy’.

The children will be finishing year two equipped with the knowledge they need to move up to Key stage 2. We intend to do this in a fun way encouraging children to put into practice everything they have learnt this year.

National Curriculum Information: 

With the introduction of a new National Curriculum, Westbury Leigh CE Primary School has created an engaging, challenging and stimulating curriculum which provides a range of immersive opportunities to learn for all of its children. It is underpinned by our School's vision and has our School values at its core. Children use a wide range of ICT, laptops and devices alongside interactive whiteboards in each classroom. Our exciting topics have entry and exit points to begin and finish the topics being taught together with establishing links within our community.
Connections are made between curriculum areas making the learning more relevant and meaningful for our children.   

Use this link to access overviews of the curriculum for all the National Curriculum subjects at Westbury Leigh Primary School, broken down by year groups.

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