Our aim is for all children to leave Westbury Leigh Primary School with a lifelong love of reading through accessing a range of high-quality texts in a range of genres, both through topic and teaching and through their own choices. This will develop a high level of skill by attaining age related or above age-related expectations. Reading is central to everything we do and drives a passion for learning. 

Our curriculum will: 

  •     inspire children to learn about themselves and their place in the global community 
  •     aspire to be challenging, relevant and meaningful 
  •     achieve the best outcome for every child

Reading Policy 2023-24

Intent: Our aim at Westbury Leigh is to develop a culture of reading that allows all children to leave the school being able to read at least to a level that is age related and at a pace that allows them to fluently decode and understand what they are reading. We aim to give children the passion that allows them to make good choices as to the texts they will read, be that for pleasure, or reading to learn, a skill which is integral to their learning throughout their lives. 


Implementation:  For this to happen, teachers will be knowledgeable in books for their age groups in order to be able to give pupils the books they need to support their learning and engage them in reading. High quality texts are also chosen in pupil’s reading lessons that link to topic in order to deepen an understanding of the text types they are studying and to make links to a strong knowledge base.  In teaching early reading we focus on phonic based books, children then progress to a colour banded level until they are able to read fluently.  Fluency is then built on through a range of exposure to reading genres and authors.  Children are expected to read to a parent every day where possible and to themselves for pleasure alongside this.  Listening to stories being read by an adult each day also helps with developing core reading skills and we hope that parents will make this a special part of bedtime routines for children. 

Impact: Children of all backgrounds will read fluently and those who are behind their peers will be supported through daily reading and modelling of what good reading looks like. Children will be knowledgeable about a range of narrative and non-fiction choices and will have read a wide range of books, being able to discuss theirs and others choices as well as link these to their topics. 


RRS Article 28 - You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.