Modern Foreign Language

Learning a modern foreign language helps to understand the construction of language and recognise the diversity of languages in our world.  By studying French we aim to ensure children have a better understanding of the country and culture as part of learning the language.                       

Our curriculum will: 

  •    inspire children to learn about themselves and their place in the global community 
  •    aspire to be challenging, relevant and meaningful 
  •    achieve the best outcome for every child

INTENT: It is important for children to learn about other languages and cultures from around the world. Our modern foreign language sessions not only teach children how to read, write and speak in French but also supports our British Values of tolerance and mutual respect enabling children to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of others.

IMPLEMENTATION: Teachers should follow the sequence of lessons from the scheme of work : Rigolo.  This is taught throughout Key Stage 2 as formal lessons.  Across Key Stage 1, we expose the children to basic French vocabulary through stories and songs.   

IMPACT: Children will be able to make strong links between language and the country it comes from. This should be evident through pupil voice and in their final outcome. They should be able to articulate verbally French sentences and words as well as being by the end of Key Stage 2, to be able to write in full sentences. 


Article 28    You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.