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Westbury Leigh Blog 

Term 1

Year 4 are using atlases to explore the locations of countries in Europe. They imagined they were a Roman centurion and planned their journey from Rome to Britannia!

 Year 2 have started their topic of ‘How can we help others?’ The children spoke about what different occupations help others but focused on farming and more specifically, our school farm! We created a birds-eye-view diagram of the farm and then produced letters to our parents asking to help out at the farm!                                                                                 

Term 6 

This week year 6 have made their board games that they invented. The board games were all evolution themed and lots of effort was put in to the finished product. They had great fun playing them. Well done year 6.                                      

Year 5 have embraced conceptual art today. They learned how an idea can be ‘bought’ by the viewer, if your mind is open to it! They learned about James Turrell, and Richard Long. They studied his Circle of Stones (actually being exhibited at the Hauser and Wirth gallery in Bruton right now). They made mood boards of ideas. Next week they will plan and make their own piece and we will be setting up an art trail around school for the pupils.

Year 5 have been tasked with the challenge of making crowns in a group. They had to use their knowledge of synthetic and natural materials to make the crown as environmentally friendly as possible. We had some very ingenious ideas, including making doweling rods out of sticks. They enjoyed every creative moment of it, including parading them them up and down the red carpet to our very own Head Queen.

      Year 4 have been learning about rainfall. Over the last few weeks they have been measuring the daily rainfall at school. Today, they compared rainfall in Westbury to rainfall in Mozambique. They used line graphs to illustrate the data and help the, to draw conclusions !                                                                                                                                                                     


Wonderful work has gone up in our school foyer from all classes to celebrate Westbury Leigh Primary School achieving a Green Eco Flag. It is so lovely see the variety of work all enjoying the wonder of nature around us. Well done everyone

Year 4, explored the importance of canals in trade and industry. They learned some history of canals and used OS maps to explore the Kennet and Avon Canal. They finished by imagining they were travelling on a canal to trade and wrote a diary entry. Super work year 4! Where will water take us next?                                                                                                                            


Year 6 have been looking at primary and secondary sources to understand the different views people had about Charles Darwin and evolution. We started by looking at a drawing and a quote from the 1860s. From this we formed a hypothesis about what we thought the predominant views would be. We then analysed the views from the time by looking at letters that were sent between Charles Darwin and other scientists and religious leaders. It was clear that the idea of evolution seemed crazy to people during that time! We were shocked to see that most of the criticism came from fellow scientists and used this evidence to write a conclusion! Well done for a really interesting day Year 6!

This week for topic day, Y1/2 learned all about Queen Victoria and her reign between 1837 - 1901. The children created their own crowns to be the Queen/ King of their classes and produced some amazing fact files all about the famous Victorian! Fantastic work everyone 

Term 5

Year 6 have been looking at the similarities and differences between Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. We have all heard of the name Darwin and ‘his’ theory of evolution but, was it really all his findings? We used our research skills to complete a Venn diagram identifying the similarities and differences between the two men’s ideas. We then used this to make our own conclusions about whether Wallace deserves more credit for his contribution to the development of the theory of evolution. It was a very interesting day! Well done Year 6!


Term 4

Week 5

Year 4 have loved writing creatively this week! They watched the music video Language by Porter Robinson to inspire their work! https://www.literacyshed.com/the-music-video-shed.html# the children wanted me to share the line to the video! It’s the third video down. They used amazing vocabulary to paint a picture for their r Adler and create excitement! Well-done year 4!                             


Week 4

Year 4 had an amazing day on Tuesday! They were ‘visited’ by an Anglo-Saxon Chronicler, who taught them about King Alfred the Great and Anglo-Saxon life. The children loved the sword training and solving riddles! We also loved all of their fantastic questions. They then used all of their knowledge to create an interview with King Alfred!

Week 3

                                                                                                      Over the next couple of weeks, year 5 are going to making their own sundials. Today we learnt how to use Arabic numbers and designed our sundials.

Today Year 6 have been historical detectives! We have been analysing primary and secondary sources to explain whether the events from the story of the Trojan War are fact or fiction! At first we weren’t sure but after some in-depth analysis we discovered that there is no evidence for some of the key features of the story! We discussed how this could have happened due to the tradition of oral story telling and the fact that the story wasn’t transcribed until 400 years after the event supposedly took place! We were great detectives today Year 6; well done!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Week 2  

Year 5 have been comparing Baghdad in AD 900 with the present day Baghdad. We learned about a boy called Ali who practised calligraphy when the bombs fell on his city in 2003. We plotted where the old round city would have been on a modern map by studying the meandering river Tigris. We also learned some Arabic! Great learning today!

Week 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Year 4 have been learning about the Viking raids on Lindisfarne today! They learned that the Anglo Saxon chronicles began during the reign of King Alfred and how they are an important historical record of events during the time period. They studied an extract, asked questions then researched to find out more. They finished by writing as anonymous scribes their own entries to the chronicles!


Term 3 Week 6

Year 3 finished Term 3 with a focus on Maya everyday life and the importance of their society. They did this by exploring different versions of the ancient Maya story, the Hero Twins. They also looked at the hierarchy of Maya society and how these can be explored through historic sources such as stelae and the game pok a tok. Their final outcome was to create a comic strip that reflected part of the Maya culture.

Term 3 Week 5


 Year 4 had a great topic day on Friday! The children focused on Anglo-Saxon work and trade. The first explored the jobs the Anglo-Saxons would have done then considered how they would have obtained their goods from trade. The children explored trade routes between local towns using digital maps and measured the distance the Anglo-Saxons could have travelled. They finished by creating information leaflets about trade. Fantastic work year 4!                    
Year 6                                                   

Year 6 have had a great topic day. They have been learning all about Greek Mythology and how this has impacted modern day society. We started off by researching the Greek Gods and Goddesses. We were shocked to see how their names have been used for many of the brands we know today such as: Nike, Amazon and Hermes. We then spent time researching how different areas of society have been influenced by Greek Mythology. We were again amazed to see that some of the things we have come to love such as the Olympics, and even Harry Potter, have foundations that lie in Greek Mythology! We finished the day by writing an information text about how different areas of society have been influenced by Greek Mythology. Well done Year 6! 

Year 5 recalled their learning from last year and compared life in Abbasid Baghdad to life in Anglo Saxon Britain! We researched on the internet, and decided on similarities and differences in, their food and markets, houses, art and culture, and location. We used a new graphic organiser today to sort our findings into similarities and differences before choosing to write a speech or a letter persuading someone to live in your preferred place! Most of chose to live in Baghdad, for obvious reasons! The drawings are the children’s impression of an Anglo Saxon ‘library’ - they did not respect their books at all (they kept them in boxes on the floor), unlike in the House of Wisdom!                                                                     

Term 3 week 4

Year 3 have been learning about the physical aspects of a region and how humans impact on the land, both in the past and the present. They have also been looking at how they can be represented topographically, creating 2d/3d models of these. The amount of work and the quality they are producing at home and in school is incredible. Well done, year 3!                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Year 3 Week4                                                                                                Year 3 have been learning about the topography of Mexico 🇲🇽. They have been looking at the impact of deforestation for the purposes of farming on the environment, as well as the predicting what the impact might be on planet Earth if this continues to happen. They have done amazing work and really enjoyed the day. Well done year 3!


Year 4 home learners have had an amazing topic day today. They started their learning by reading a text all about an Anglo-Saxon settlement site being excavated by archeologists. They then analysed a piece of modern pottery created by the artist Grayson Perry. They then designed their own piece of pottery taking inspiration from the Anglo-Saxons and Grayson Perry. They finished their day reflecting on their work. Take a look at their learning below!

Year 1/2 week 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We had a ‘WILD’ topic day in Y1/2! The children discussed what the word endangered means and how we can protect those endangered animals. We then created a fact file and a colourful collage for our animals!     



Year 5 week 4

Year 5 children learned about The House of Wisdom this week, which was a place of study and invention in Baghdad in AD900. So much more than just a library! They read a challenging text about the place, then unpicked some key vocabulary before creating an artist's impression of it using their knowledge. After all, the building was destroyed by the Mongols in AD1250 so nothing remains except secondary sources! They then learned more about Marian Astrolabe, who invented the time-piece that called Muslims to prayer by aligning the clock to the stars. With her invention, we wouldn't have i-phones! Finally, the children pulled all their knowledge into a non-chronological report al about why the Abbasid Empire was a 'Golden Age'.      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Year 5 have had a very special virtual guest today both at home and I’m school! Andy Burns is a local astronomer who has visited our school before with his team of volunteers and their telescopes for a stargazing event. This year, however, we sadly can’t do that but Andy gave us a riveting talk on space, using big numbers, the Abbasid empire and their discoveries, and black holes and aliens! The children asked great questions and have loads more, so please add them to google classroom! Thank you Andy 🤗

Term 3 Week 3

year 6 have been learning about Athens and Sparta. They began the day by comparing the similarities and differences of life in Athens and Sparta. Then, they wrote diary entries from the point of view of either a Spartan or an Athenian. After break, they experienced the fantastic ‘Now Press Play’ Where they became part of the story. They were whisked back to Ancient Greek times and the state of Athens. There alongside their slave Eirene they save Athens from Sparta by capturing the King’s shield. After lunch, year 6 wrote narratives where they imagined they were a young Athenian citizen who is captured by the Spartans when they invade Athens. A wonderful day today, well done year 6.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

TERM 3 Week 2

Today, Year 6 were looking at Greek masks. The Ancients Greeks loved the theatre and became famous for their tragedy and comedy playwrights, which inspired the modern theatre we know today. We watched videos and looked at example masks to identify they key features of Greek masks. We found it fascinating how they had to exaggerate the emotion on the mask so that the audience could see it clearly and because the actors did not speak; they commonly had a chorus that song the play instead! We then designed and evaluated our own masks, making sure that we clearly portrayed our character’s emotion. Well done Year 6!

 Term 3 Week 1

Year 5

Year 5 have started their new topic about Baghdad in AD900. We debated how designing cities in a rectangular shape had its pros and cons as most cities in the world are. Baghdad, however, was designed in a circular formation and we read all about it from texts that were original sources. From this, the children were able to draw the city with much detail including the number of gates and towers, how it was sandwiched between two mighty rivers, and what was contained within the city walls. Finally, they wrote letters to the Caliph persuading him that a circular shaped city was the best thing for him. Great start year 5!

 Year 6    

‘What do we owe the Greeks?’
We have spent the day researching around the Parthenon/Elgin marbles. We finished off the day by writing persuasive letters to our PM asking him to consider returning/ not returning the Elgin marbles. Great start to the topic year 6.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Well done to Y1 and Y2 for their work about Africa but more specifically Kenya today! They have written some geographical sentences describing where certain cities are in Kenya and what they might find there. We then created collages using whatever African theme they wanted and they look fantastic!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Term 2 Week 6

Year 1/2

We started the day today looking at the world’s most AMAZING pop up cards, then we investigated and scored them. We read all about why we send cards and then found out what our design brief was for the day. We designed our own cards, built some prototypes and then made and evaluated them.

We are sorry but the finished products are TOP SECRET for now 🤫 ....what a brilliant day ðŸ‘?ðŸ?»ðŸŒŸ                                                                                                               

Year 5

Year 5 have had an amazing topic day where they decided on an answer to this question: was the Great Exhibition (1851) a celebration of Indian people OR a celebration of British power?
We studied artefacts that had been ‘taken’ from India and exhibited in the Crystal Palace. The children had to weigh up on scales their moral opinion for each one, so that they could review the exhibition as a critic. They worked and thought very hard over the whole day!                                                                                                                            

Year 5 have enjoyed their first topic day back! Today, we learnt about the history of advertisement in the Victorian Empire before creating our own tea box. To make the tea box, we had to cut out a net to help us create a cube. We then learnt about using knives safely so that we could cut through the cardboard. Finally, we used our knowledge of advertisements from the morning to help us create an advertisement for our own brand of tea! ☕�

Year 6 have been looking at modern politics! We were comparing and contrasting different democratic leaders. We researched and compared two different US Presidents (Barack Obama and Donald Trump) and put their policies, qualities and decisions onto a scale to determine whether we thought they were democratic and undemocratic. It was very tough to decide on some points. As an outcome we wrote a narrative as if we were involved in a political protest in America; it was great to see how descriptive they were! To finish off we analysed some protest art by Banksy, the children loved seeing the creative ways you can express political opinions! Great first topic day back!                                                                                                                          

  Term 2 Week 5            

Year 3



Have looked at the rule of law and executive judiciary through research into the Battle of Beanfield. We read sections of a newspaper article and organised them chronologically. We then used the information that we had found out to balance the arguments from the travellers and the police. We used conscience alley to investigate these further before creating our own judgements linked to human rights and the rule of law.

We discovered what made a good setting description and created a toolkit before writing our own description of the Summer Solstice of 2021.

 Term 2 Week 4

Term 2 Week 3

Year 4 have been learning all about Roman mosaics. They looked at examples of mosaics including one from the Roman baths in Bath! They then were inspired to design their own and then make them using tiles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Amazing work year 4!

Term 2 Week 2                                         Year 1/2                                                  

Today in Y1/2 we learned all about Ernest Shackleton, the polar explorer that led the Endurance expedition. The children created their own map like they were Shackleton trying to discover the South Pole in Antarctica and created their own fact file with lots of interesting facts! 🚢â?„ï¸?🧭                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Year 4 have been learning about slavery during the Roman period. The children read a story from 100AD by the Greek moralist Plutarch and considered whether it was a true story. They then ‘met’ four different slaves to learn about what life was like for a slave. The children finished the day writing a letter from a slave’s point of view to ask for freedom.  

Term 2 Week 2 

Year 3 have been very busy this week making fossils and designing pulleys to lift the stones at Stonehenge.
We found out all about Stonehenge and the current theories for why it could have been built.
We investigated the different stones, where they came from and when and learnt about the importance of them.
We then designed and built our own pulleys to lift the giant stones.

 Year 4 worked on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We wrote as Roman Volcanologists a newspaper report and investigated the disaster.

Year 3 were looking at the Mesolithic period and features of life compared to modern life. We finished the day as archaeologists discussing the period to a colleague.

 Term 2 Week 1


Year 5 have spent their topic day learning about schools across the British Empire. They built on their knowledge of Victorian schooling from Year 2 and we compared schools in Kenya, India, and England, discussing new words and phrases like: missionaries, labour force, and semi-educated. The children felt very strongly that all children, irrespective of were they live or who they are, should have the right to an education! Which is quite right!

Year 6
Year 6 have spent their topic day learning about how women won the right to vote. They built on their knowledge of Victorian women from Year 2 and compared how women were viewed then to how they are viewed today. We discussed why there was a need for the Suffragettes, how they must have been feeling, whether it was right to use violence and how much of an impact WW1 had on their fight for equality. We discussed new words and phrases such as: militant, contingent and political representation. The children were very passionate about this matter and all agreed that it is important that everyone is treated equally and everybody’s vote matters, which we definitely agree with! Great learning today year 6!