Westbury Leigh Primary School

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Our Staff Team

Here at Westbury Leigh CE Primary School we're proud to have a committed and hardworking team of staff who are all striving towards the same goal which is to make a difference to every child, ensuring that their time spent in school is enjoyable and that they are encourage and supported to reach their full potential.

All our staff here including those who work outside the classroom are passionate about children and everyone works together to ensure that every child's needs are met.

We're friendly and approachable and encourage all our parents / carers to take an active part in their child’s learning as well as within the school community.

Our Leadership Team

  • Mrs Debbie Grimsey - Headteacher
  • Mr John Fowler - Deputy Headteacher
  • Ms Abi Isherwood - Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Pam Robertson - KS1 Phase Team Leader
  • Mrs Claire Jones - Inclusion Team Leader
  • Ms Anna Thurman - Business Manager

Our Teaching Staff

  •  Ms Genka Madylus - EYFS Teacher
  • Mrs Gemma Towler - EYFS Teacher
  • Mrs Ruth Grant- EYFS Teacher
  • Mrs Caroline Warren - Year 1 Teacher
  • Mr Dan Berryman - Year 1 Teacher
  • Mrs Lucie Chichon - Year 2 Teacher
  • Ms Rebecca Pearce - Year 2 Teacher
  • Miss Tasmin Cole - Year 3 Teacher
  • Mr Steve Pearce - Year 3 Teacher
  • Mr Benj Thomas - Year 4 Teacher
  • Mrs Jemima Richardson - Year 4 Teacher
  • Mr Darren Field - Year 5 Teacher
  • Ms Abi Isherwood - Year 5 Teacher
  • Mrs Lisa Cox - Year 6 Teacher
  • Mrs Rachel Eveleigh - Year 6 Teacher  

Our Teaching Assistants

  •  Mrs Beth Gough
  • Mrs Sarah Norville
  • Ms Rachel Brewer
  • Miss Lucy Weston
  • Ms Lisa MacDermot
  • Mrs Lin Hayward
  • Ms Zoe Corbett
  • Mrs Kim Hull
  • Ms Sam Tate
  • Mrs Nikkie Rylands
  • Mrs Donna Murray
  • Mrs Sabrina Thomas
  • Mrs Ellen Pascoe
  • Mrs Dawn Kalsi
  • Ms Kayleigh Webb
  • Mrs Gill Auger
  • Ms Rachael Abbott
  • Mr Dave Cooper
  • Mrs Tracy Griffin
  • Miss Tanya Brooks
  • Mrs Sharon McPartland
  • Mrs Evah Mwambela
  • Ms Michelle Stokes - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Jodie Greening  - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Linda Mence - Family Support Worker 
  • Tribe Staff
  • Mrs Sharon McPartland
  • Mrs Helen Plows
  • Mrs Lauren Tate
  • Mrs Melanie Ashman
  • Mrs Kim Hull
  • Mrs Debbie Rendall 

Midday Supervisory Assistants

  •  Mrs Caroline King - Senior MDSA
  • Mrs Melanie Ashman
  • Mrs Sarah Pym
  • Mr Niall McPartland
  • Mrs Lisa Turk
  • Mrs Debbie Rendall
  • Miss Lucy Weston
  • Miss Emma Hollingshead
  • Miss Kayleigh Webb
  • Mrs Lauren Tate
  • Ms Linda Slade
  • Miss Rachel Brewer

Admin Team

  • Mrs Anna Thurman - School Business Manager
  • Mrs Danni Scorgie - Admin Officer
  • Miss Emma Hollingshead - PA and Admin Officer
  • Mrs Lauren Tate - Admin Officer
  • Mrs Tekla Hicks - Finance Officer

Catering Team

  •  Mrs Helen Plows - Catering Manager
  • Mrs Marise Earney
  • Mrs Maria Findlay
  • Mrs Julie Storey


  •  Mr Paul Jones - Caretaker
  • Mrs Maria Findlay
  • Miss Megan Findlay
  • Mrs Caroline King
  • Mrs Melanie Ashman