Home School Support

Sometimes there are little niggles that we can worry about and so we aim to work with you early on to address anything that may be "on your mind".  We offer a range of support to families, we understand that happy families make for happy children who are ready and want to learn. 

Classroom Team

These are the adults working in the classroom who are best placed to support children, they have relationships with the children and parents and can soon address any small niggles.  They are able to support with every day difficulties such as friendship, emotional awareness and social skills. 

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA)

We have four TAs who are specialists in providing emotional and social support.  This is usually a shorter term solution when something has happened that is upsetting for children such as making and keeping friends, anger management, loss and bereavement.  Children are referred to this service via the class teacher with parent support. 

Pastoral Support

Miss Brooks is our pastoral support worker. She picks up support with individual families where there may be bigger issues to explore and address such as attendance, family events that are impacting significantly, debt and welfare needs. Parent groups are also organised as part of helping to ensure everyone is part of our school and feels they have a voice.   Parents can request to meet with the PSW where needed via the school office. 

Courses for Parents