School Information

Westbury Leigh CE Primary school is a voluntary controlled Church of England school with capacity for 420 children.  The school is two form entry, two classes per year group but fluctuating sizes of cohorts mean that mixed classes sometimes are used alongside this. 

The school is modern and was built in 2000 to serve a newly built housing estate: Westbury Leigh Park. As a result, there are spacious grounds and classrooms are light and airy.  The centre of the school houses the school library and connects upper (Key Stage 2) and lower (EYFS and Key Stage 1) school. 

The school accommodate Cygnets Preschool on site which is a popular choice in the community for 2-4 year olds.  This operates as a separate organisation but there are close working links with the school and the vast majority of children apply to join Westbury Leigh.   

The school has close working links with all local preschools, nurseries and secondary schools.  Most children choose to go to Matravers Secondary school with some attending Kingdown in Warminster. 

The school serves children from a range of backgrounds and is popular as a large faith school in the community.