School Performance Outcomes

School outcomes can be measured in many ways from how well children develop in themselves, their ability to be ready for the next stage of their education and in academic standards. 

Due to Covid 19, there have been no statutory tests for the last two years and children's absence from school has affected their progress and attainment.  Historic data is shown below, but we feel the children's progress in school is improving despite the impact from lockdown and this is reflected in the quality of work they produce in class and in their books. 

Most Recent Assessments

Key Stage 1 

Children usually undertake a phonics test in Y1 and any who do not achieve this have an opportunity to retake in Y2.  This year, all Y2 children took the Y1 test in the Autumn Term. 













2019 Performance Outcomes 

The last set of outcome data is now old and can be found here. 

Further information about the schools performance can be found here.