Westbury Leigh Blog

Welcome to Westbury C of E Primary School.  In this blog we will be informing you about the many great things about our school.


In forest school we have lots of amazing opportunities to let our imaginations run wild. Some activities include creating designs using leaves and wood, camp fires, clay animals, weaving, making dens and having a lot of fun. You can choose to free play or join in with some of our amazing activities that will be held on the playground by forest school during this activity. There are some unique gems such as a hammock and a mud-slide.  Mrs Murray runs Forest school and we all love it!


Our school farm is an amazing place and your class will get an opportunity to clean the farm while you can socialise with our animals. Our farm is a great place and while you have your turn you will be able to hold chickens, groom our goats and collect our chicken’s eggs. If you don’t want to experience this you may be able to pick up litter with litter pickers.


In the sensory garden, you get to sit down and relax by reading a book or having a talk with your friends. The sensory garden is the quiet place in our school. If you join our school you will get to experience this .


Our school is a spectacular place to learn and you have great opportunities to make lots of new friends. Children at our school thoroughly enjoy their time here and have told us many of their favourite memories such as: Year 6 residential, our furry friends, fun, engaging lessons and the tasty food Mrs Plows makes. We also have a great staff team who love working alongside us. Some of our longest serving members of staff (Mrs McPartland and Mrs Hayward) told us:  “We have a good team who inspire children and make learning fun!” Everybody at Westbury Leigh, both children and staff, are dedicated to inspire others to aspire to achieve their goals.


From Y6 Pupil Heads and Deputies: Ashleigh, Violet, Archie, Jack